The World Just Keeps Moving

As the sand shifts

in my hour glass,

I come to the realization,

that it all will come to an end.

Certainty is knowing

the world just keeps on moving.

People will get married.

Then divorced.

Married again.

The world keeps on moving.

Some will dine in restaurants

where the menu shows no price;

Others will eat from the garbage.

However, the world keeps moving.

One may fuck a hooker;

A clown may be depressed.

A child wins the spelling bee.

Big fucking deal.

Still the world keeps on moving.

It is because we forget

how small we truly are,

and that beyond a certain radius

no one will truly care.

So much time wasted trying to

leave an impression,

when you will be replaced

or forgotten,

maybe loved by few

but never by all.

This is all because the world

Just keeps moving.

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