Random Memory

When I was a boy my aunt use to get beat by her husband. When my dad found out she begged him not to go and hurt her husband. My dad didn’t listen. So, he went over there and he told her husband “Either you get tired of whopping on her…or you get tired of me coming over here and whooping on you.” I guess my aunts husband wasn’t one to get tired, because he didn’t stop hitting her. My dad after a while stopped going to her rescue. He said, “those two both deserve each other. I have never met two people who enjoy an ass whooping as much as them.” I don’t know why I remember that right now. My dad was pretty tuff and I liked that about him.

One thought on “Random Memory

  1. I was engaged to this girl once and one day she ups and disappears on me. Later that day I find my grandmah’s locket, her engagement ring, and about $10,000 in gold bullion missing from my safe; but her belongings were still here. I didn’t think she had taken them; I was mistaken. Later that day one of her friends calls me, tells me someone’s beating her. So I rush over and find a cul-de-sac full of cops, an ambulance rushing from the scene, and her friend in hysterics. I get to the hospital and find out that she had been cheating on me with this guy; she had pawned all of my shit in order to rent an apartment and put a downpayment on a car to share with this douche. He had returned her kindness by slicing her with a machete from wrist-to-elbow. When I got there she confessed to stealing, cheating, and she broke down in tears; she kept saying I was too good for her. Against my advise, she told the cops that the wound was self inflicted; they didn’t believe her but couldn’t do anything about it. I waited patiently for them to sew her up, took her to dinner, and brought her home. I forgave her, convinced our “love” would conquer all… and she agreed. Convinced that she was ok, I got into the shower. I got out, dried off, and upon exit, found all of her belongings gone. No message, no note, just an empty bed. Her friend called the next day, said she had came back that very night and they moved out together. I still see her every so often when I drive down the freeway; A new bruise purpeling a fresh patch of skin every time. I spent a week or two trying to convince her to leave him: she didn’t even have to come back to me, I just wanted her away from him. She demanded I stop calling her, saying I was stalking her; I granted her wish. Later I found out that he cut her because she was trying to call me to come pick her up, to save her from the beating. It still rips me up inside when I think about it, but you know what? She was right: I was too good for her, I didn’t deserve that crap. Thanks for the post man, these are sad stories that occur far too often. You’ve inspired my next entry… damn I’ve been slacking!

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