Reality Check

I told you I am not the boyfriend type.

I am not good at dating.

Public affection and all that shit,

I am barley good at fucking.

You think otherwise.

You must broaden your horizons.

You’re really nice…

and I have issues that will bring you down.

You will go far,

if you run away now.

I don’t think you will…

So, I am going to rap it up now

I promise

next week you won’t remember my name.

You see,

I will feel bad doing this to you,

because I will go on


it will be done to me.

I will fall for a pretty face

an amazing ass

and a mediocre blow job.

Then they will no longer call me.

And I will think back to this morning,

when I had to just be honest with you…

and hate that once again i’ve lied to myself.

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